Everything is growing

Christmas is over for another year. Now the work really begins. The garden is exploding with life. Summer is here in full force. Today is jam making day. As I am sugar free, I am going to try making jam using stevia and chia seeds.

I now have twenty stevia plants, which will be my mother plants. They will produce cuttings for my future plants. I am going to take some cuttings today and start some new plants.

My Moringa trees are ready for transplanting. These are trees that would sustain you when the food runs out. They are known as one of the superfoods of food. They are fast growing and you can eat the seeds, pods and leaves. A must have for any preppers/survivalist.

We start on our outdoor kitchen this week.  I bought a 100 year old wood burning Dover stove.  It needs to be  scrubbed and repainted. Will post photo’s in another post. Bye for now.