It’s 2016

Time to take stock of what I have achieved for 2015.

My second book ‘The One’ was released in December. I am currently, almost finished the sequel to this. My first book ‘Rachel’ was re-release in a 3 part ebook.

Our gardens now have boxing around them, making it easier for mowing. I have bought by flour mill, distiller, butter churn, fruit press, wood burning stove, and solar generator, all for my outdoor kitchen.  Solar power is now powering our house (we just need to get the batteries to extend the power into night time). I learnt how to cook using a solar oven that I made myself. I made an outdoor refrigerator using two flower pots and sand. Amazingly it worked a treat.

Went to a Dolly Parton Concert and Sound of Music show with my friend and totally loved it.

My second grandchild Elijah was born, and granddaughter Grace turned two.

All in all a very satisfying year.

Plans for 2016? – well that is for another post.