The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones cover


Book Two: The Chosen Ones, the second in a four-part series, is now available on Amazon and Sarah Book Publishing. Available in Kindle, Nook, Apple iTunes and KOBO.

This is a direct follow on from Book One: The One. With all your favourite characters and some new ones. Find out how Jo and her family cope with the challenges of living in a new world without the comforts of the past.…/B00ZTGU…/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1


The day the grid went down forever, changed the world as we know it.

Jo and her family successfully escaped the city, the only way of life they knew, after an event of apocalyptic proportions struck the world. It is now a very different place. Mankind must now live an almost pre-industrial lifestyle, scavenging together what they can to survive. With no electricity, there are few modern appliances that work. Every household chore is now done manually and takes much longer to complete.

Jo unwillingly finds herself the leader of a group of families in her street. Together they transform a natural cave system into an underground living area. However, even in their hidden seclusion, the world outside is about to reach them with terrifying and tragic consequences.

Jo has many difficult decisions to make on her journey into an unknown future. She must use every ounce of strength and fortitude she can muster, to overcome what appear to be insurmountable circumstances thrown her way. Through it all, she wonders why she has been chosen as leader of her group.




Good things comes in small packages. And when it rains, it pours.
This series had come in small packages. One at a time. And we are now feeling the effects of it pouring literacy rain on us.
I congratulate Ms. Matson, for a job well done. Literary geniuses are born. Not made.

I recommend this book and first book in the series with no reservations.


Oladayo Sanusi, MD.
Founder of Sarah book publishing.