About The Author

Christina lives in Pukekawa, New Zealand, growing Moringa trees and making artisan soaps. Her homestead is now completely off the grid. (With batteries to store power for when the sun goes down at night).

She loves all things prepping and re-learning all the old skills lost to our children’s generation.

She loves reading, historical romances and in her younger days read all the books written by Barbara Cartland and Katherine Woodiwiss (her favourite historical romance writers). She also loves reading science fiction and one of her favourite authors is Anne McCaffery and her Dragons of Pern books. Her favourite Christian books are the Left Behind series.

She used to be a choir director/conductor in her church for many years, until her passion for writing took over. She has been a writer for a farming/lifestyle magazine, where she wrote about her experiences with turning bare land into a food forest. She is still working on this. She also submited articles to a Eco magazine.

She has three

She has published 3 books since 2020:

Book 1 ‘The One’ a trilogy sci fi/ survival/EMP series Published 2021

Book 2 ‘The Chosen Ones’ Published 2022

Book 3 ‘Journey to the Chosen Ones’ to be published 2024

Finding the Way Back Published 2024 – a short story romance thriller

Future books are:

Book in a historical romance series – ‘Love is Blind’. Soon to be released .

Book Two titled ‘Rose” to be released at a later date

‘Don’t Throw That Out’ – A book on the added uses for household items thrown into the rubbish bin.